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Discover the WordPress plugins developed by Link Nacional that will boost your CMS with solutions for donation systems, payment gateways, anti-fraud system, WHMCS and others.

What are WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins are responsible for integrating new features and resources into your CMS, that is, they are what will transform your website into a virtual store, donation system, marketplace or other system. But plugins can also perform specific functions like inserting a new photo gallery, contact forms or a newsletter manager, for example.

Especialistas em WordPress

Therefore, anyone who works or develops WordPress sites knows that it is of fundamental importance to know which plugins to use and how to configure them to reach the end goal.

Thinking about offering solutions for WordPress, Link Nacional has become a great developer of plugins for WordPress and especially for donation systems that are based on GiveWP. See below the WordPress plugins developed by the team of experts at Link Nacional.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) for web pages. It works as a platform for criating and editing of Blogs, virtual stores, donation systems and all types of websites. WordPress aims to be a simple system which everyone can rely on for development and configuration of their pages, without the need to know a programming language.

WordPress IP

WordPress IP

It is a WordPress plugin to show the IP of the user who is on the page, the plugin is used via shortcode directly on the WordPress page or post.
Woo Commerce Invoice Payment

WooCommerce Invoice Payment

It is an extension of the WooCommerce plugin. It allows the site admin to create invoices and payment links quickly.

WHMCS Login Within WordPress

WHMCS Login within WordPress

WHMCS login is a WordPress plugin that includes a shortcode to insert a login form into any WordPress page or post allowing you to login to WHMCS via WordPress. In other words, with this plugin it is possible to log in to the client area of ​​the WHMCS system from within a WordPress site.
WordPress Post Update Date

WordPress post update date

This plugin replaces the post creation date with the date of its updates. For example, if published content receives new information, the date on which this change occurred replaces the previous date. In this way, the user is always informed about updates to the information in the WordPress Blog posts.
AntiSpam for GiveWP

AntiSpam for GiveWP

The AntiSpam plugin for GiveWP is another free tool that Link Nacional provides to prevent fraud in your online donation system. It protects you from credit card fraud and robot attacks when filling out forms.
Give Free Form

Give Free Form

The Give Free Form Plugin is a powerful resource for anyone who wants to customize the forms in their donation system. It allows colors, titles, buttons, borders, fonts, and more customization.
Give Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Waves

Give Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Waves

GiveWP Cryptocurrency is a plugin developed by Link Nacional that allows donations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Waves. It was created to insert third-sector institutions into the world of cryptocurrencies and create another funding channel for a booming market.

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