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A logo is a visual or graphical representation made up of symbols, colors and words. Its goal is to identify a certain brand, highlighting its activity and creating recognition among the public. Through logos, brands can be easily recognized by people, even though they are in the midst of a multitude of other ones.

Link Nacional, aware of the importance of the logo for its business, works in the creation of specially designed logos so that your brand hits the target both in identification and recognition by the public. Discover the portfolio of logos we have already developed:

Radio Rifania
Mundo PSY
Chef Taty Albano
Acena Produtora

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What is a Logo?

The logo is an image, formed by symbols, words or letters, as well as by drawings, which has the function of representing a brand, generating its identity. The logo is used in situations where the brand is present in the market, whether on websites and social networks, whether on posters, leaflets or business cards. That is why it is important to follow a criterion when creating your logo, as it is through it that you will not only generate your identity in the market, but also your recognition by your audience.

What is Logo

Logo Types

What are the types of logo

Lettermark Logo


One of the most common types, focused on letter fonts. A long or complicated name makes it difficult for the public to be recognized, which is why the lettermark is so important, being used by big brands such as HP (Hewlett-Packard) and IBM (International Business Machines)

Logo Simbol


Also known as an icon, in this type the main focus is on the image, either without letters or with less prominent letters. Just as we recognize a country by the symbol of its flag, recognizing a brand just by its logo symbol is synonymous not only with a strong presence in the market, but also with success. Apple and McDonald’s knew how to exploit this type very well.

Logo Wordmark


Type of logo that opts for objectivity, as it is the stylized name of the company. Despite this, it is necessary that the name fits the wordmark proposal, as it needs to be striking, with a pleasant sound and easy to memorize by the public. The brilliant Coca-Cola and Disney managed to take advantage of this model very well.

Logo Creation

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How to create a free logo?

If you already have some level of design knowledge, then maybe you can risk developing a logo for free. But if you don’t, it’s better to entrust this important task to a professional capable of creating your logo, who knows how to generate your brand identity. That’s because a mistake in the creation process can jeopardize all efforts made in the recognition of your brand.

Some sites offer the option for you to create your free logo: Logomaster, Logomaker and Freelogodesign. It is always worth remembering that studying the concept that the logo needs to convey is fundamental!

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How to create a professional logo?

The importance of creating a professional logo has a lot to do with the brand image in the market. The logo design conveys all the trust and credibility your brand needs. That’s why it’s better not to take any chances and hire a qualified service in order not to make mistakes when printing your presence in the market.

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