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Link Nacional operates in the area of information technology (IT). And specializes in offering internet services and solutions. Founded in 2004 in the city of Ribeirão Preto/SP Brazil, today expanding throughout Brazil and the world. And it has established itself in the market as one of the most important providers of domain registration, hosting websites on the internet with a specialty in WordPress websites.

Our Mission: “Provide our users with highly reliable services and support.”

Since 2009 it has been elected by W magazine, publication aimed at internet specialists, as one of the main website hosting companies. Led by the Associate-Director Davi Souza, business administrator with a postgraduate degree in Web Development from USFCAR (Federal University of São Carlos). The Company provides its clients with infrastructure, solutions for website hosting, domain registration, internet radio and TV broadcasts, website development, applications, plugins and WordPress theme and transparent payment modules. We also offer Google Apps tools, professional email accounts, website optimization and online systems.

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Our Infrastructure

Currently our company’s servers host about 25,000 pages, with uptime above 99.75% of stability. our differential is to offer low-cost hosting plans, with a modern control panel and many features. With all this know-how, the company provides services to large entities such as UOL, Pagseguro, Moip, Cielo, WireCard, City Halls and other third sector institutions. By 2020 we have reached the milestone of 150,000 email addresses managed, we maintain the email server with a neutral reputation.

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Data Center

The internet data center (IDC) is an outsourcing service for physical space and services related to a company’s technology and telecommunications areas. Also known as Internet-age outsourcing, it is the infrastructure for the digital economy.

A large number of companies are discovering in IDC a way to free themselves from costly and speed-limiting tasks of technology renewal and updating in order to, consequently, increase their responsiveness to the constant demands of market innovation.

Maintaining the necessary infrastructure for technology areas can be too expensive for some organizations. A few years ago it was unfeasible to keep the database and intranets out of the companies, as the connection speed was slow and ended up hindering the company’s performance.

However, with the arrival of optical fiber and broadband, it became possible to use external servers. Previously, all communication was stored within the local network, as it was not possible to access information remotely due to the low speed of data transmission. Today, there is no speed difference.

In fact, communication may be faster if done through IDCs, as they use the most modern technology, connectivity and transmission. Other advantages are controlled temperature, stable electricity and safety. Access is controlled by modern security systems such as iris identification, access card, guards and internal cameras to record all procedures.

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